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Welcome to The Lismore Castle Fishery

Our goal and vision is to provide syndicate members, local anglers and visiting anglers the opportunity to fish on One of the most famous salmon rivers in Ireland, on the most picturesque and arguably one of the most prolific Salmon beats in Ireland.


In an age where anglers travel thousands of miles globally to catch and most importantly release wild Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout, it is both our goal and firm intention to provide a world class experience both now and into the future in a sustainable way.


To support the sustainability of our fishery, it is essential that we all strictly adhere to the rules of the fishery and we strongly recommend that all syndicate members and visiting anglers practice Catch and Release and that every care is taken when handling all fish.

It is not our intention to just provide syndicate members and visiting anglers the opportunity to catch a wild Atlantic salmon on our fishery, we aim to provide a total fishing experience with like minded individuals that all have the common love of fishing and the comradery and friendships that it brings.


We will make every endeavour to make your experience an enjoyable one and all beats will be maintained to the highest standards of health and safety as well as fishing ease. All beats are constantly patrolled to ensure that they are in good order and that all rules and regulations are being adhered to for the enjoyment of all anglers.

Lismore Castle Fishery established March 2021, with just a few people coming together to do what they love. It has been very successful and rewarding, with progress being made throughout the year enhancing the Fishery. 


We are proud to bring together people from all over Ireland and beyond. We are looking forward to seeing what this season brings!

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Our Location

Lismore, County Waterford, Republic of Ireland

00 353 (87) 8295449

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