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The Castle Beat Gallery & Map

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About The Castle Beat

The legendary Castle Beat, consistently ranks as one of the top Salmon beats on the River Blackwater, for the number of Atlantic Salmon caught per rod. The best area's to fish the Castle beat are as seen on the Map above,  the red lines mark the start and end to this beat.

  • Weir Pool

  • Powdering Tub 

  • Castle Flat

  • Eye of the Bridge

  • Bridge Pool

The Golf Course Beat Gallery & Map

Golf Course Beat.jpg

About The Golf Course Beat


The Golf Course Beat offers about 1.5 miles of fishable water through meandering majestic countryside. 


The Golf Course beat offers a number of bewildering pools suitable for unmatched spinning and bait fishing.


The map above, shows the start and end of the beat using the red lines as marked. 

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The Castle Beat  

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The Golf Course Beat