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Rules of the Fishery

Rules and Regulations of the Fishery

  • Syndicate Members and Visiting Anglers are NOT permitted to transfer their days or Day Tickets to others under any circumstances. (24 Hour Notice to the Fishery Manager must be given for Cancelling Bookings)


  • All Syndicate Members and Visiting anglers must check in with the Fishery Manager before commencing angling.​

  • Syndicate Members and Visiting anglers are allowed a maximum of one fish per day, up to a maximum of 10 throughout the whole season.


  • Catch & Release is strongly encouraged throughout the season for all fish.

  • All fish over 10lbs are to be returned.

  • All anglers must fish the beats in rotation with the other anglers on the beat and must not fish in any one spot for more than 40 mins – this rule is particularly aimed at the Powdering Tub on the Castle Beat. If any Syndicate Member would like more than one day per week on the Castle Beat, they must discuss this with the Fishery Manager. 

  • Worm fishing is strictly forbidden on all beats for the entire season.

  • Spinning is allowed but with barbless hooks only, should you not have barbless hooks pliers will be provided to flatten the barbs on your hooks.


  • If you hook a fish (Any Additional Fish Hooked) after your limit, and it is bleeding from the gills the fish must be returned to the water regardless of circumstances.


  • Everyone fishing on the fishery must produce State Licence before fishing commences.


  • All fish killed must immediately be tagged and log books filled in.


  • All fish caught, whether killed or released must be recorded. Weighing and measuring tools are provided by the fishery for this purpose. 

  • Life jackets must be worn if you enter the water on all beats for wading purposes – do not wade in circumstances when you are fishing alone. If you do not have a life jacket one will be provided by the Fishery Manager

  • Water-keeper's will be patrolling the fishery at all times, they are authorised to ask to see Syndicate Member's & Visiting Angler's their Day Tickets / Membership badges to ensure the Fishery rules are adhered to.  

*Important Notice:  All Angler's are to report the number of fish caught, to the Fishery Manager by end of day to be recorded for Lismore Castle Fishery records.


*Any Syndicate Member or Visiting Angler found to be in breach of any of the above rules and regulations will be asked to leave the fishery immediately, without refund and will not be welcome on the Fishery again.


The Fishery Manager retains the right to ensure all rules and regulations are maintained at all times.

A guide to fishing our Beats.

  • Salmon Fly Fishing :-  it is recommended to use 12' to 15' double handed salmon rods subject to the river conditions most suited to fly fishing. 

  • Spring fishing with fly :-  it is recommended to use a sinking line or a heavy sink tip with large weighted tube flies, it is imperative to get the fly down deep as quickly as possible and fishing correctly.

  • Summer Salmon/Grilse :- is recommended to use a floating line with an intermediate sink tip with light leaders to enable better presentation.

  Recommended Flies


  Green Butt Cascade

  Silver Stoat

  Willie Gunn

  Bann Special

  Green Highlander

  Ally Shrimp

  (Most shrimp patterns work) 

  • Spin Fishing is permitted, but best suited to high and coloured waters when other methods are not possible. Point To Note: All spinners must be fitted with barbless hooks, no barbed treble hooks permitted. Our favoured spinners are Flying C's (all colours) Toby and Rapalas. 


Prawn & Shrimp fishing is permitted, to enable fish release a single hook is preferable. Both floated and the spun shrimp are proven methods. Size  1 hook and light floats recommended.


The River Blackwater

The River Blackwater is Ireland's 3rd Largest River. It is a large mature River, it can provide the eager Fisherman with excellent fishing even in Low Water. With tidal reaches stretching 20 Miles from Youghal to Lismore, the river provides a unique haven for the Salmon & Sea Trout in low water lies, waiting to run the main river. 

There are 4 Distinct Runs of Salmon:

Spring: From the start of the season 1st February  through April, Spring Salmon can range from 5lb-20+lb in weight. The heaviest can be found in the deeper water lies and pools. Spring fishing can vary greatly, water conditions are best in low cold water conditions. The Salmon in this period tend to run slow, these salmon are called "Springers" These salmon average in weight typically around 8-16lb but in the past 5 years have been caught up to 20 to 25lb. 

May: May- early June  Salmon can weigh from  3lb-25lb, this run coincides with of late a prolific Grilse run.


Grilse: May - July, with the early run of Salmon weighing approx. 5-7lb. Grilse start to show themselves from May. The Grilse fishing is excellent on low water as they run slower and hold in deeper pools, in medium to high water grilse run the river hard.   

Late Summer: August-September 30th, see the larger Autumn Salmon run the river, ranging on average from 8lb - 25lb. The Autumn run of salmon has been poor for a number of years with runs low. Fishing however is still excellent on all our beats right through to end of season.

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